Lauren Bailey, Factor 8 Founder/President, Receives AA-ISP’s 2014 TOP 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals Award


Chicago, IL, April 9, 2014 — For the 2nd year in a row The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) recognized Lauren Bailey for receiving the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals Award during the 2014 AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit Awards banquet that was held April 8-9 in Chicago, IL.


The AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals recognizes individuals who have been instrumental in leading our profession:

  • Committed to advancing the profession of inside sales

  • Known as a true thought leader

  • Influences others through leading, training, and/or the sharing of best practices

  • Viewed by peers as someone who positively influences others by word, deed and character


“It is an honor to recognize Lauren Bailey as this year’s recipient of The TOP 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional Awards. Lauren has proven her dedication and commitment to advancing the profession of inside sales, which is the mission of the AA-ISP,” stated Bob Perkins, Founder and CEO. “We are confident that Lauren will continue to have an impact on the inside sales community for years to come”, stated Perkins.


Factor 8 President, Lauren Bailey, speaks at the

2014 AA-ISP Leadership Conference

“Behind the Scenes of an Inside Sales Benchmark”

                           - Why Some Companies Win -

Find out what separates the best sales organizations from the rest. What are they doing differently? After working with sales organizations around the globe, in different industries over many years, the Factor 8 Team has been able to identify the common traits the make some companies thrive while others are left behind.

Plus, gain some specific knowledge and advice you can take back to your company to assess your managers, training, culture, and overall operations.

Recent Success Stories

Better, Faster, Stronger - New Agents IMPROVE the Bottom Line!

By making just a few small changes to an IBM business unit's new hire program, Factor 8 added over $150Million in revenue to the bottom line.  Reps got out of sales training and on to the floor faster, selling more, and achieved their quotas in record time.



There's Gold in Your Account Decks - Millions of It!

Leadership challenged a floor of 25 consumer electronics specialists to grow their business 15% in a down economy.  Factor 8 helped transform these product experts into business consultants - uncovering over $11Million in unidentified revenue potential in their existing accounts.  In less than three months, an additional $750,000 of net new revenue was won - creating a return on investment well over 1000%.



200% More Leads Please!

Generating leads for a complex high-tech client isn't easy, but Televerde is always up to the challenge.  Factor 8 collaborated with the leadership team to design a custom sales & business acumen course that would take their already savvy agents to the next level of consultative selling . The result?  A 240% spike in lead quantity with a 20% increase in lead acceptance.  Televerde credits Factor 8 with helping make a top tier client even happier.


The Toughest Pipeline to Build - The Leadership Pipeline

Growing at rapid rates to meet client demand, Direct Alliance faced a leadership pipeline challenge.  Hiring from the outside is expensive and time consuming, but current sales managers weren't ready to act as GM's of client programs.  Enter the Factor 8 Leadership Breakthrough.  From application to graduation, Factor 8 guided a team of ten sales managers through a rigorous "apprentice-style" Breakthrough Development Program that included training, mentoring, hands-on projects, shadowing, presenting, and coaching.  By graduation, six of the seven left standing had already been moved into new leadership positions.  Leaders estimate a 250% return on investment from Factor 8's Leadership Breakthrough Program.





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